Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cold Turkey

Has Fiorella ever told you about how she quit smoking?

Yes, Fiorella started smoking in her misguided teens because she was a very good girl and needed some harmless way to be wicked. Soon enough, everyone learned that smoking was not harmless, but Fio was hooked.

Until she had her wisdom teeth removed, that is. Now, Fio's wisdom teeth were very well-rooted, which meant they had to be not only halved but quartered to be removed in about a three-hour session. She was sent home with a bloody maw and some nice pills.

During the next week, most of which she spent in bed recovering, she faithfully took the nice pills, admired the pretty patterns of light on the ceiling, and stopped smoking because she developed the theory that cancer was caused by the tobacco mosaic virus, which could enter her body through the gaping wounds in her gums.

She was also afraid she might set the bedclothes on fire.

Anyway, one week without smoking, and Fio was cured. Although she sometimes still dreams about smoking just one cigarette.

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