Monday, May 4, 2020

Patchwork Day

Your girl spent at least an hour on the the phone yesterday with friend Cheryl, who not only writes, but knows everything there is to know about computers, runs a publishing business, and designs book covers--just the sort of person Fiorella needs to know now that she's in the romance writing game again.😀
Did Fio ever told you that for about three years, she had a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis? Then, one day, her doctor looked at new x-rays and said she didn't have it--which mattered not because Fiorella had already decided she would move forward as best she could.
Now that she's telling all, Fio has to confess that in her first year behind the desk, she was probably the worst teacher in the world--and her student evaluations proved it. Luckily, two wonderful friends guided her through her second year and her student evaluations improved.
Hmm....Fiorella is wondering if she can persuade a home and garden store to deliver twenty Asian jasmines to her doorstep so she can get them planted in front of the house.  And if that works out, she'll put flagstones and fill dirt on her list.
Fio found six chapters of Sigrid's story and has run them off, but where are the rest of them hiding?


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Unknown said...

I've been keeping up with Fio and all the activities, but I'd love to talk to you by phone or e-mail. Do you know what's happened to Kit Frazier? She hasn't posted in a long time.
I can't find your e-mail address or your phone number. We're hunkered down and doing ok.