Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Grinch Has Stolen Christmas 2016

Fiorella would rather be feeling all Christmasy and nostalgic, but she isn't, and it's not because the weather here in central Texas is running in the balmy 70's. It's because, despite herself, she's been keeping up with the news, and it's not good. Apparently Trump wants to play with that little red button Hillary warned us about. Ever since Hiroshima, previous presidents have, for the most part, striven for peace, to ease world tensions, to take the leadership in helping countries avoid going to war with each other with the idea that it's not going to help any of us if we're all pot-shotting each other with nuclear weapons.

But Trump, true to form, is planing to sow discord among nations, as if the world is a giant Apprentice sound stage, and Fiorella fears for her herself, her children, her country and the world.

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