Thursday, December 22, 2016

Seeking Gaye Larson

Good morning! Fio tried to send a copy of her Christmas card to you, but apparently she still hasn't gotten the hang of how too do it.  Speaking of technology, Fio has recently become aware of how much technology, which was supposed to bring us all together, has actually driven us apart.  What she is saying is that because we all have cell phones, we can't reach anyone whose number we don't already have. To be more specific, Fiorella can't call the woman who found her card case because she can't get her cell phone number. She was able to trace down an address and left a note on the door, but it turns out the woman--Gaye Larson, if you know her--had recently moved. looks like after Christmas, Fio will be knocking in doors in Gaye's old neighborhood to try to get a lead on her current whereabouts.

Detective work always looked a lot easier on TV.

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