Monday, December 19, 2016


Fio has to report this, but she feels strange about it. As you know, she went hysterical for about two hours after she lost her card case.  Later, after she'd exhausted herself, she began trudging around the house, putting up holiday decorations, but her heart wasn't in it.  About an hour in, she started talking to God, begging to get her card case back, begging for mercy.

She'd deployed the contents of most of the bags and boxes when she came across a cheap little woven basket with  a pine cone and fake mistletoe in it so she added tinsel to it and walked it into the guest room to put on the dresser.  As she left the room, she noticed a small circle on the floor. IT WAS HER WEDDING RING, THE ONE SHE'D LOST TWO MONTHS AGO!  Apparently it had bounced to the floor, swooped around the corner and down the hall, then skidded under the guest room door.

As Fio said, she feels strange reporting in. Maybe she shouldn't have. Maybe this was supposed to be personal between her and God. Maybe finding the ring was God's way of saying that all will be well. Conjecturing further, maybe God wanted a family that wasn't going to have much of a Christmas to pick up the card case and buy their children gifts with it. After all, Fio can get her cards replaced (again).

But she will truly miss her card case.

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Ladybug Rodriguez said...

So happy to hear you found your ring! And God's miracles should always be shared!