Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When the Heart Speaks

After a two-month lay-off due to the automobile accident and its aftermath, Fio is almost frightened by how well Phillipa's story is coming together.  Here's a sample:

     He led her off the dirt path and spread the quilt on a spot under a stand of trees, then squatted down and opened the picnic hamper.
     Phillipa's conscience rang loud and clear. She couldn't let him feed her.  It would be better to get everything out in the open before he went any further.  She put a retraining hand on his arm, the first time she'd touched him all day.  "Don't take anything more out of the basket. I've got something to tell you, and if you want to drive off and leave me  to walk back to Kinkaid House, I'll understand."
     His eyebrows went up.  "This sounds serious."

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