Thursday, June 16, 2016

Incident on Facebook

This is what Fiorella wrote on FB.
Dear Facebook friends: You are entitled to your own opinions, but I prefer reading uplifting messages about people helping each other or cute stories about puppies rather than hate posts about political candidates.

She received thirty-plus "likes' or positive comments and one negative comment, as follows.

For my Facebook friends: It must be nice to live in a puppy and kitten world and complain about posts concerning world events. I on the other hand live in fear. Sean and I are planning our wedding and are afraid to let it be known because it may attract some Georgetown Christian gun owner with a grudge against gays. Unfollow me if I seem too concerned with living in a country run by religious fanatics. I am not going to keep quiet and live concealed in an attic like a little Jewish girl in Nazi Germany. If you stay focused on your romantic fantasies my posts shouldn't concern you.

This is from a person Fiorella has been unfailingly supportive of. To top it off, the next day, he posted a picture of a playful puppy under the heading, "For Fiorella." Does he think Fio doesn't recognize visual sarcasm when she sees it?

It doesn't matter.  He has his problems, which are not Fio's problems, but which, of course, she's speculated about. Figuring people out is one of her hobbies.   

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