Friday, March 18, 2016

What Will Happen When God Cuts off the Electricity?

Fiorella has long been concerned about our increasing dependence on electronics, and earlier this month, she was the victim of it.  Her credit card was hacked and she misplaced her car keys,   Mastercard thwarted the baddies and sent her a new card, and Mazda leapt into action and reprogrammed a new key for her, but it all took time--and Mazda cost money too.

We are all vulnerable.  What if Isis figures out how to shut us down?  How would we manage to drive our cars without pushing buttons?  How would we light out homes without flipping a switch?  How would we communicate with each other over the miles?  How would we cook our meals?

It's back to the cave man days, people. Thank God for Boy Scouts.

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