Friday, March 11, 2016

Hard Luck Story

Fiorella and Husband are going through a bad stretch.  First her credit card was hacked, which meant she had to cut it up and has to wait for a new one to be mailed to her.  Then she lost her key ring, which meant she couldn't start her car and didn't have a house key.  Then, despite the fact that Fiorella bought a new car key and had it entered into the Mazda system, her baby car conked out again after bringing her and Husband home from dinner.  At the same time, not only did Husband lose the keys to the loaner car he was using because his car was in the shop getting a damaged rear view mirror replaced, but he forgot to bring his charge card to the restaurant.

Husband paid cash for our dinner, and we did make it home from the restaurant safely, which is when Fio's car went out.  Husband has found his credit card and his missing keys, but your Fio still lacks a house key and a usable vehicle.

And she wonders why it takes her so long to grind out a book.

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