Monday, December 29, 2014


It's about time to print out the Fiorellas for 2014, which, starting from May 2006, makes six and a half years of daily blogs.  This having been said, Fio thinks it is time to repeat the description she posted of herself, lo, those many years ago, because she hasn't changed in the least:

I am young, slender, and beautiful.

My eyes are sky blue--gray when life is cloudy, and purple in passion.  My golden hair ripples down past my waist--on good days, down to my ankles--and on really tremendous days, it's long enough to fling out the window for my lover to climb up.

I was not born, but sprang full-grown from my father's brow.  On my left cheek, I have a small birthmark, my only connection to the imperfections of this mortal coil.

I am built much like a Barbie doll.  My breasts are ripe melons that totally defy the laws of gravity. My waist is so tiny that you wonder how I can breathe.  And my shapely legs are not only incredibly long, but come equipped with naturally-pointed toes.  No brains, of course, but they're not part of the package.

I am as graceful as a gliding swan, have a voice like angels singing, and walk in beauty like the night.

I am Fiorella, the young, slender, and beautiful.


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