Monday, December 22, 2014

Fiorella's Christmas Sonnet, 2014

Thank you, God, for friends and family,
For yesterday, today, tomorrow too,
For life and love and laughter, I thank Thee,
For all things wonderful, beautiful, new, and true,
For talents and skills, for opportunity,
For the existence of this country and this world,
For healing--body, mind, and memory,
For material goods, for inner strength unfurled,
For music, art, pen and poetry,
For science, which demonstrates your wonders made,
For your protection, comfort, generosity,
For your forgiveness when we’ve often strayed,
For all that is, that was, that makes us whole,
For Christ, eternal Christmas of the soul.


Jan Hudson said...

Lovely. Merry Christmas.

Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

You outdid yourself. Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2015