Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stroll in the Sun

Fiorella will readily admit she is geographically challenged, but staggering up and down the mean streets of San Antonio in 100+ weather on her first day at the National Romance Writers of America annual conference was scary.  She had left the conference hotel with friends, gone across the street, and turned down this way and that (Fio doesn't pay attention to where she's going when she's talking).  After they all finished eating, two of her friends walked back to the conference hotel while Fio and another woman stayed at the table.  When the other woman left to visit with friends, Fio, all on her lonesome, started her trek back to her hotel. . . and couldn't find it.

So she walked around, trying other routes. The sun was hot, and she was thirsty, and she was tired.  But still she soldiered on.  What is a little dehydration and disorientation to the mighty Fiorella?  Twice she went into RiverCenter hotel instead of RiverWalk and tried to get the elevator to take her up to her sixth floor room.  And twice a nice hotel employee told her she was in the wrong hotel. The second time around, he gently took her arm and escorted her out of RiverCenter, across the street, down the side of the river, into RiverWalk, and made sure she got on the correct elevator.

Thank you, Eleazar Garza.

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