Monday, July 14, 2014

Restless Fio Syndrome

Fiorella has always known that she is different, but sometimes she forgets--until a situation jolts her into awareness, a situation like a long, boring meeting.

Most people will sit back, relax, and let their minds go blotto, but not Fio.  Her brain remains busy--looking, listening, thinking, planning.  Then, after a while, she will start to move--wiggling her feet, flexing her hands, rotating her head, stretching her body.  She will even fish in her purse and whisper clever comments to the people around her. Stage three is reached when she starts feeling like she can't breathe because the air is stale--everybody else is inhaling HER air!

Behavioral, genetic--who cares.  Fio has to live with it.  Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

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