Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Update

Fiorella has most of her cards in the mail and about half of her shopping done.  Husband has put up a few yard decorations, and tomorrow afternoon Daughter and her tall husband will come over to, Fio hopes, put up the tree.  It's a far cry from Christmases past when Fiorella has dedicated the whole month of December to decking the house, but there's always next year.

In the meantime, here's this year's sonnet, with no idea why Blogspot divided it at such an awkward place:

No decorating of the house this year
No wreaths upon the door, no mistletoe
Outside, no giant snowflakes, nodding deer
No boughs of holly or jaunty mailbox bow
No tinsel garlands, shiny paper chains,
No fireplace mantel dressed in red and green                      
No clever cut-outs on the window panes
No charmingly depicted manger scene
No dining table draped in rich brocade
No sentimental cards from years gone by
No precious ornaments of glass displayed
No metal bird, nor feathered butterfly
     But though the house is unadorned this year,
     Our hearts will overflow with Christmas cheer

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