Monday, December 31, 2012


Fiorella went to bed happy, slept well, and woke up happy.  What a wonderful holiday--Younger Son got engaged, Older Son and his wife visited from Minnesota, and Daughter and her husband hosted the family, including Aunt and Uncle, for a great party last night.  There were some bad times during the past week, of course, like when Husband fainted after Christmas dinner as a prelude to three days of fever and flu, but all turned out well, and the party was a wonderful finale.  Daughter scheduled it for six to eight in the evening, which meant everyone would be able to get home for a good night's rest--essential to OS and his wife, who were pulling out for home at 4:00 the next morning, but good for Fio too, whose sleep had been feverish and fitful lately.

Yes, Fiorella is happy.  She's always happy when everyone around her is happy.  Let's hope the holiday ia a prelude of the year to come.

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