Monday, October 22, 2012

Ups and Downs, Downs, Downs

Fiorella was not as happy last night as she was Saturday night.  In fact, she H-U-R-T, mainly because she was totally confused about her pain pills.  And because she was confused about them, or maybe because OF them, she had the night terrors again.  Not as bad as the previous night, but scary enough that she had to call Husband in to sit with her for a while.

So she spent the early morning working out a logical painkiller schedule she will check with the doctor's office when it opens up for business.  And she trailed into the kitchen and cut herself a piece of bread to take a bite of with each painkiller to avoid indigestion.  And she reread her exercise book and learned the ice pack is only supposed to be applied for twenty minutes after each exercise session, not all the time.

And she hopes all this information will help someone else who's contemplating hip replacement somewhere along the line.

Oh, and a caveat--those two big booklets Fio was given by the hospital, the ones she actually read and tried to remember the contents of--they're out of date.

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