Thursday, October 4, 2012


Fio had an auto accident yesterday. She rear ended a taxi cab.

She had spotted the shiny yellow vehicle several minutes earlier and marveled both at its beauty and the fact that it was tooling down a rural road.  The taxi stopped at the red light at the exit onto the highway, and Fiorella, who was a comfortable distance behind, started to brake. But her foot slipped off the brake and got caught between the brake and the accelerator..

In slow motion, she saw the back of the yellow cab getting closer and closer.  Finally, her foot found the brake again--at the very same moment her baby car made contact with the cab.

No one was hurt and the only damage to the cab was two dime-sized chips out of it shiny yellow hide.  Fio's baby car now sports a dented-in front license plate and a yellow smudge.

Thank God it wasn't worse.

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