Monday, October 8, 2012

Housekeeper by Default

Wahoo--Fiorella actually navigated her way through Husband's electronic tablet to write this post.

As you've probably figured out, her laptop has been out of commission since Friday, when Sonya Dog ran her snout lovingly over the keyboard and froze the cursor. What Fiorella has realized in the interim is that the reason Mother was such a crackerjack housekeeper was that she didn't have a computer in the house--or literary aspirations on the brain. Yes, Fiorella has put the basics of the Wendy book together, gone through the eight-inch tall stack of stuff on her desk, and is eyeing the ten-inch stack on the art desk in the upper hall.

But she really misses being able to divide her post into paragraphs.

Addendum:  learned how to paragraph again and have corrected this post.

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