Sunday, April 10, 2011

Melodrama, Sleep, and Hope

BBC's Being Human is like a British B-movie. It's dark, melodramatic, doesn't quite hang together--and is absolutely fascinating. The leading man werewolf killed his best friend, the leading man vampire, last night, but Fio suspects the vampire will come back as a ghost next season and reunite with his ghost girlfriend to become a force for good. Got that? We'll see.
Fio shouldn't have been able to sleep last night. She was in panic state all day, working on the hundred pages she's preparing for an editor, trying to recover five pages she totally lost in the process, and hitting a brick wall when she tried to locate said editor's address. To top it off, she didn't get any exercise and ate badly--chocolate during the evening, which usually gives her indigestion during the night. But instead she slept the sleep of the just and awoke totally refreshed with a brain full of things she wanted to tell you. Go figure.
Husband replaced the lock mechanism on the pantry yesterday. It's been ailing for a couple of years now, allowing Wendy Dog to eat every piece of bread in the house whenever anyone forgot to wind the the cord around the handles on the double doors.

Fio was surprised at how much the repair symbolize to her. If the pantry door could be fixed, that means Japan will survive, Australia will recover, and the mid-East will find peace and social justice. It means Europe will bound back, Mexico will tame itself, and the United States will prosper again.

It means there's hope for the world.

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Gary said...

Maybe Mr. fix-it can find another pantry door or two. It would be fantastic to have a world living in peace, harmony, and prosperity.