Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Travails of Fiorella

As Fiorella left yesterday afternoon, she assured Husband she'd be home by 9:30, 10:00 at the latest, and tucked into bed by 10:30. Little did she know

Hopping into her darling baby car, she drove off to Target, where she bought a birthday card for Friend Ellen and met up with Friend Elaine, who was giving her a ride the rest of the way to the RWA meeting. The meeting got started a little past its usual time because of late arrivals, and it ran over because the presentation was especially interesting. Afterwards, Friend Elaine needed to make a twenty-minute side trip, and when Fio picked up her car again in the Target parking lot, she realized she would have to take an extra ten minutes to go mail Friend Ellen's BD card immediately because it would be past due anyway. Finally she arrived home, dead tired but still keyed up, at about 10:40.

How great to be home, to be able to relax for a while before trudging upstairs for bath and bed.

Then she stepped in some leftover from Wendy Dog's early morning gastrointestinal disturbance that she hadn't spotted before. Another twenty minutes cleaning various spots of it off the rug.

Then, checking her e-mail one last time before she turned off the lights and turned on the security alarm, she discovered that she'd messed up on her entry to Heart of the Rockies writing contest. She'd have to fix that, but not tonight.

Finally--up the stairs, turn on the bath, and settle down for a relaxing soak. Ah, that was enough water in the tub. She reached for the hot water faucet.

It came off in her hand.

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