Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Feel Your Pain

Forgot to mention that toward the end of her presentation, the writing group's psychic lecturer said never to tell her about any operations or illnesses because she was so sensitive she would feel all our pain and anguish herself.

On the way home, Fio suddenly realized the remark may have been aimed at herself. Walking into the meeting area that evening, she'd run into Friend Joy, who was sitting and talking to the speaker, so Fio sat down and joined in. Somehow Friend Joy and Fio started talking about eye surgeries, of which your Fio has had several, all of which she described with her usual dramatic gusto. The psychic got up and left.

Now Fio's many eye surgeries were painless, virtually bloodless, and quite successful, so what was the psychic channeling?

Maybe she's just lily-livered. Or maybe she didn't like Fio taking over her spotlight.

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