Friday, January 15, 2010

Kitchen Comedy

Fio was tired after the RWA meeting, but before she went home, she stopped by HEB to pick up a pound cake mix, strawberries, and chocolate for Friend Suzy's visit the next day. The chocolate she tucked into the refrigerator. The strawberries, which needed to ripen a little, she stuffed into a niche above the cookbooks on the far reaches of the kitchen counter.

Come the dawn, she dragged herself out of bed and read the paper, then started on the pound cake. She greased and floured the pan, only dropping it on the floor and splattering herself with greased flour once, opened the box, poured the mix into a bowl, and went to the refrigerator for the two required eggs.

She was out of eggs. The cake mix went into the trash can.

Well, at least she had the chocolate.

But, rechecking, Fio discovered she had bought dietetic chocolate, which she didn't think would please the discerning palate of chocoholic Friend Suzy.

Two down, but she still had the strawberries. Or did she?

The niche was empty, and they weren't in the refrigerator or on top of it either.

With a sinking heart, Fio checked out the area around Wendy Dog's pillows. All that remained of the ripening strawberries was a cracked-open plastic container and a guilty-looking canine.

Visit Fio at your peril.

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