Monday, January 11, 2010


My name is Fiorella and I am a hoarder.

Yes, Fio has been watching that TV show about hoarders and realized that, in her own way, she is one too. Oh, her house may be a little too full of stuff she cannot bear to part with for sentimental reasons, but her major sin is word hoarding.

Yes, Fio cannot bear to throw away anything she has written, and the pages are everywhere--on her desk, in bookshelves, in file drawers, on the Internet. In fact, she cannot even bring herself to delete her seemingly golden words when she is writing novels and has to edit herself. Instead, she copies the useless verbiage to another file, telling herself she will use it somewhere later. Which she never does.

But that's what hoarding is about--possibility, not prose.


Anonymous said...

This is an experiment to see if I can now post a comment!

scotia girl said...

By George, I think I got it! And, btw, I've always known you have a tendency to hoard, both words and stuff...