Sunday, October 12, 2008


Danger, Will Robinson!

My trusty laptop seems to be dying. I've suspected it for a couple of months now. First it objected to me opening something I had just written, saying it was a for-observation-only file. Then it would flip me off to a blue page, the clutches of which Husband would rescue me from. Then it would stick on various things, like the New York Times info page when I wanted to check out funny news items about Sarah Palin. Then I had a problem transferring stuff from my files to Fiorella.

This evening, the computer stuck on a "welcome" page and lost all my profile information. Husband spent about half an hour jerry-rigging a connection for me, but I will be first in line at the computer repair shop on Monday morning. The repair people may need to keep my baby for a while so don't be surprised if Fiorella temporarily goes off the air.

In the meantime, think about it. A new computer costs about a thousand dollars, which is a lot more money than it was a year ago. Can we all afford spending a thousand dollars every two years on a regular basis?

I cannot believe that I am so dependent on something so undependable.

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