Monday, October 27, 2008

Crash Magnet

Husband was just rear-ended on Burnet Road this morning. The woman who hit him said she was looking down for a second and didn't realize the traffic in front of her had slowed. The same thing happened to him earlier in the week, with a different woman, on the freeway.

Usually I'm the one involved in auto accidents. My last one was a year ago, when I ran a stop sign and hit a brand-new SUV. I didn't do much damage to the SUV, needless to say, but my little MX-5 was very nearly totaled. I couldn't figure out why I had missed seeing the sign until my peripheral vision was tested--I was about 33 percent occluded.

Now, thanks to eyelid surgery, I am bright-eyed, literally, and bushy-tailed, figuratively.

Meanwhile I have told Husband that I understand his magnetic attraction, but, in the future, would he please keep these forward women off his tail.

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