Sunday, July 27, 2008


Fiorella has left a trail of peach pits all over town. Yes, she has finally scored fresh, gooshy peaches! Bags and bags of them!

Husband craved peaches almost as much as Fio did and neither of them wanted to drive all the way to Fredericksburg so Fio got on the web and charted out the Austin farmers' markets. Surprisingly, there are about five of them, one of them where the old farmers' market used to stand on Burnet Road.

With her heart in her mouth--literally--Fio approached the tables of the lone displaying farmer, actually a farmerette from Mexia. Her family farm apparently produces an abundance of crops, all set out in an attractive display, but especially it produces PEACHES.

After sampling a slice, Husband and Fio bought a $4 bag, which had about fourteen small peaches in it and--get this--they were all ripe and all good! Thrilled, the next day Fiorella returned and bought $12 worth, sixteen peaches of which which she distributed to Hairdresser and Daughter's BF, and the rest she brought home for Husband and herself--well, except for the multitudes she ate in the car driving to and from all these places.

Fiorella is replete. Her summer is complete. And, from all the peach pits she tossed out the window as she scarfed down peach after peach (they ARE biodegradable!), Austin's roadsides with be swathed in peach blossoms for springtimes to come.

P.S. Apparently Fio's back yard will also be swathed in peach blossoms-- Wendy Dog snagged four peaches left on the kitchen counter.

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