Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My computer is running slow today and so am I, so I'll just give you snippets that amuse me. But then, as Husband says, I am easily amused.
It's hard for Daughter and me to communicate. She isn't interested in what I'm doing, and she sure doesn't want to tell me what she is doing.
Husband knows nothing about Britney Spears except that she flashed her shaved crotch and it's on the Internet.
Whatever I think or plan or dream is going to happen in my life, will not. Whatever never even occurs to me, will.
I frequently read claims from people, usually show business types, that they have "old souls." I think that if souls actually do have ages, mine is a mere toddler. Otherwise I wouldn't have done so many dumb things in my life.
Five dog treats went through the washer and drier in the pocket of my housecoat yesterday. It's amazing what good shape they're still in--and a little frightening.
Health news keeps getting better and better. Now chocolate (at least dark chocolate, which I adore) is good for us, as is coffee (which I hate--too bad). The reputation of brisket has also been redeemed. Soon to be announced: the nutritional benefits of fried chicken.

Not that I have a chance anyway. I'm destined for Alzheimer's, diabetes, and stroke: short arms and legs, belly fat, coffee aversion, overlarge babies, sedentary lifestyle. The doctors are after me about the latter, but, hey--sitting on my butt and writing all day is what's going to pay their greens' fees.
Who am I?
I am a future lottery winner.
I look domestic, but am not.
My goal in life is a full-time housekeeper.
I lull myself to sleep at night planning plastic surgeries
I am writing a book (but then, I live in Austin. Who isn't?)

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