Tuesday, September 6, 2016

One, Two, Three

Fio is ecstatic. When she went to Target to pick up the copy of Lucifer's first season she had ordered on line the night before, she encountered a young woman from Poland behind the counter who was kind enough to teach her how to say "Hello" in Polish. So, Fio's first joy was Lucifer, and her second joy was czesc. Fio's third joy was outside the store, when she realized the barriers were down on the roads and construction work to the west of Target. Not a single person was on the site so ever-curious Fiorella drove down it, noting the wide boulevard, the curbs, the unearthed rocks that she could sneak back in and pick up later, and--oops--the sudden drop-off just over the drop to the river.

It was the rule of three again.

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