Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lucifer Season 1 Rehash

Fiorella bought her very first DVD the other day--Season 1 of Lucifer.  There were some things she didn't quite catch the first time through, and there were hilarious sequences she wanted to enjoy again, like the one in which a guy tried to commit suicide by jumping off the top of a building and Lucifer tried to "help."

The show is advertised as a comedy drama, which means that humor steps in every time the story gets too tense. But there's also a deeper thread running through it all--Lucifer's rebellion against God, his father, a prodigal son sort of thing which intensifies as the show moves along. Thus Lucifer is not only a rollicking good time, but also the most serious show on TV.

One reviewer called for Season 2 to lose the comic aspect and pump up the drama, to which Fio responds NO NO NO!  The offbeat humor is what makes the show light, clever, and quick rather than dark, stupid,and sluggish. Tune in on September 19 and see what you think.

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