Monday, February 9, 2015

Big Bang

Why does Fiorella like Big Bang Theory?  Because there are no repercussions, and everyone ends up a winner.

The characters say horribly funny things to each other that would end any normal relationship in a second, but still they stick together.  And look at how they've advanced in their careers and personal lives since the show began.  Howard became an astronaut and married Bernadette.  Sheldon discovered another element and picked up a girlfriend. Raj was named named someone to watch by People Magazine and also has a girlfriend.  Leonard was chosen for a North Sea expedition and, best of all, is engaged to Penny.

And the girls are doing well too.  Amy is a neurobiologist, Bernadette is a microbiologist, and Penny has finally ditched the Cheesecake Factory and has found her own success in pharmaceutical sales.

This is how real life should be. No big tragedies, no money problems, just up, up, and away!

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