Friday, February 6, 2015

Clearing and Cleaning

Fiorella is doing her best to lighten the load around the house.  She's asking the kids to retrieve their belongings, donating clothes to Caring Place that she will never fit into again, and--horror of horror--THROWING THINGS AWAY!

Fio confesses that she is something of  a pack rat.  Mostly she keeps everything that might be of use at some later date in an art project. She also stores everything she's ever written, no matter how small the scrap. And, being the sentimental type, she treasures every gift anyone has ever given her.

But the time has come (the walrus said), to clear out and clean out.  Today, Fio and Husband stuffed a dismembered futon into the trash can, a futon that Fio had kept for years in the vain hope she'd have the time to make a giant sandwich pillow out of it.  Now she's eyeing the collection of cardboard rolls she's collected in the workroom.  Surely some elementary school art teacher could make better use of them than Fio.

And the footprint of Casa Fiorella gets lighter and lighter.

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