Thursday, January 2, 2014

Butternut Creek

Fiorella is bundling up Jane Myers Perrine's Butternut Creek series to contribute to her church's library. Perrine, an ordained minister, writes inspirational sweet romances--translation: religious content, no explicit sex.

Fiorella is donating the books partly because of their inspirational aspect.  The "hero" of all three books is a young minister who deals gently with, among other things, an embittered war veteran, a sister overwrought by her experiences in Africa, and a fiancee psychologically scarred by a sexual assault. In Butternut Creek itself, though, there are no villains.  Nor is there any racism, religious rivalry, murder or mayhem--a situation which makes for relaxing reading.

The other reason Fiorella is donating the books is that Perrine has an engaging writing style and a sharp eye for humor.  Fiorella particularly likes her nature descriptions, which remind her of her beloved Miss Read series.

You may visit Gethsemane Lutheran Church this Sunday to borrow the books.  Tell Pastor that Fio sent you.

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