Thursday, December 5, 2013

SuperFio Flies Again!

Clear the decks and full speed ahead!  Fio has her mojo back!

Yes, after a couple of days of moping over things she can't control, she stoked herself with chocolate and threw her energy into decorating the house and writing the new book. During the day, she attached feather butterflies to her carved Moroccan screen and wrote the first six pages of her new book, and when Husband got home from work, they carted in  the rest of the storage bags and boxes from the garage and strung lights on the tree.  Earlier in the week, Fio had cut out paper snowflakes and taped them on the windows.

If she can keep up the pace, that book will grow by two chapters per week and the house will be ready for Santa by Christmas Eve.

Bring on the chocolate!

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