Sunday, December 1, 2013


Another one of those things that sets Fiorella apart from the rest of the human race is the way she decorates for Christmas--extensively.  She hauls in her venerable fake tree, whines till Husband lights it up for her, then loads its branches.  She festoons doorways, windows, the stairs, and even the bedroom balcony railing with ersatz greenery, bells, bows, and pine cones.  She sets up manger scenes and ties a red bow around anything with the semblance of a neck.  She dangles decorations from the dining room light fixture.  She tapes paper snowflakes to the windowpanes, hangs up wreaths on the doors and and stockings over the fireplace, loops silver garlands along the driveway for a holiday welcome, and, if she whines again, Husband or Son will help her hang glittery snowflakes from a small tree in the yard. 

And that's just the beginning. She didn't even mention her box of feather butterflies and paper mache birds.

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Jan Hudson said...

I envy you. I LOVE to decorate! Sadly, most of my boxes of wonderful stuff collected for so many years is in the attic & husband is still recovering from knee surgery, and I can't slither my way around up there. Alas, I'll have to make do with the baskets and boxes of Christmas things downstairs--enough, I hope, to make the place festive. Still, I'll miss the little tree with bears and all my wreaths and swags. Sigh.