Monday, August 19, 2013

Dressed Appropriately

Back in the dark ages, when Fio was a child, little girls wore dresses.  Ah, the elation in finally being able to tie the sash in a bow behind  her back.  Ah, the joy in her aunt, valuing Fiorella's entrancement over Mother's eye rolling, buying her the dress she fell in love with and still remembers--pink with a black paisley border.

Fiorella thinks blue jeans and tees became popular children's wear during the 1980's, when women hit the employment market in droves, the decade when women couldn't afford to stay stay home any more and run up cute little dresses on their sewing machines.  Then somehow the cover-up of jeans and loose tee shirts morphed into the slut decades, when little girls were exhibited in miniature street-walker outfits--bling, sparkle, belly buttons, and skin-tight. 

But now, dresses are back--store-bought, of course, but little girls are being dressed like children again. And Fio finds it charming.



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