Wednesday, August 21, 2013

After Effects

Adrenaline does amazing things.  Monday morning, despite a good night's sleep, Fiorella spent another two hours on the couch after she woke up.  She was totally innervated--not an ounce of get-up-and-go in her body and her brain had an out-of-order sign draped on it.  She couldn't even think of what to do, much less get up the energy it do it.

That afternoon came the phone call from the Divine Liza.  Within five minutes, zing!  Fio's world went from dull to sparkling!  As soon as she was off the phone with Liza, she called friends, emailed her RWA chaptermates, notified friends and relatives.  Not only that, but she picked up her morning list and went down it, ticking off most of the things she had meant to do earlier.  And she got Husband to drive her over to Hobby Lobby to buy the art desk (40% off) she plans to put in the guest room.

And now she's still on her laptop at 9:18 PM when she usually packs it away at 8:00.  Oops--hope that doesn't mean she'll get up exhausted tomorrow and have to seek her adrenaline in chocolate.

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