Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks, Dad

Fiorella's father believed in milk, exercise, and helping people.

The milk was a no-brainer. His whole family believed in milk, and, as Fio has told you, she and her cousins still prefer it to any other beverage.

Exercise also was a family affair. Dad and his brother were both athletic--golf, bowling, tennis--you name it. Fio isn't much for sports, but she does like the feeling of her body moving, be it walking, jogging, or wiggling in place.

Wanting to help was one of Dad's nicest traits, and one Fio would like to think she's inherited, although sometimes it's frustrating. Some people don't want help, some don't appreciate it, and some reject it when it's given. But, like Dad, Fio keeps on trying.

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