Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well-done Death

Mother died right. She informed everyone she had just six months, gave away what she wanted to give away, cleaned the house, and went through her desk, putting all papers in order. Fio also presumes that she destroyed what she didn't want anyone to see.

It's a good thing Mother was industrious because she didn't have six months--she had two. But we were all there at her deathbed--Father, Brother, Fio, Husband, offspring--and she knew it.

After she died, Father, Brother, and Fio opened her closet to select funeral clothes. There, on the inside of the door was a navy blue dress with an appropriate necklace looped around the neck of the hanger.

Mother died right, but then she did everything right. As for Fio, the klutz, when her time comes, she'll probably screw it up.

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