Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pain, the Glory

That manuscript Fio thought was perfect--now that she's had a request for the full from an agent, she's completely reworking it. And it's amazing how much time editing takes. Two days and she's just done four chapters. But then, she's been fighting off armadillos in the meantime.
Did Fio tell you two of her entries placed first and second in a romance-writing contest? It's a real thrill, but contests are always a crap shoot. Critiques are subjective, of course, because the judges are real live human beings. In the same contest, one judge told Fio her entry had too much internal dialogue and description while the other judge said she needed more of both. Fio figured they balanced out and she was just right.
Fio writes romances with the hopes of a lucrative career, but she dumps whatever else she's thinking about into this blog. Thus she analyzed Project Runway's current dramatic set-up here a couple of days ago ("Gretchen is Hitler, Ivy is Goebbels, and Michael C is a hapless Jew"). Well, wonder of wonders, she was plowing through a Project Runway-based site and discovered her blog in a prime spot! National recognition!

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