Thursday, September 9, 2010

LBJ Revisited

Fiorella's father-in-law was a long-time LBJ crony, and thus Fiorella can feed you two tidbits you won't read anywhere else.

When Father-in-Law asked about the notorious Duval County election, Johnson told him that all he knew was that "Boss" Paar had promised he'd turn out the votes.

When Father-in-Law asked him about John Connelly turning Republican in mid-gubernatorial stream, Johnson admitted he'd lost control of the Texas political scene.

Maybe not earth-shaking, but interesting. And it's long enough ago that Fio doesn't feel like she's blabbing state secrets.

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Gary said...

Yes, interesting trivia. Since I'm definitely not an LBJ fan, IMHO his comment in response to Connelly turning Repub should have ended after the word control.