Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exit Stage Left

The country dwarfs are retiring from TV stardom. Maybe it's that they've depleted the network's dime on all those product-placement trips. Maybe it's that Matt's gotten a new medication for curbing that megalomania. Maybe it's that they've paid off the mortgage, set up college funds for the kids, and established profitable side businesses--the hotel stepladder, the pumpkins cum amusement park, the speaking engagements, etc.

Fio will miss Matt and Amy, et al, but, in this, their final season, it's nice to see Jeremy and Zachary on the verge of changing from teenagers into people. It's nice to see steadfast Molly coming into her beauty. It's nice to see Jacob taller than his parents and finally getting his due share of the attention.

Fare thee well, Roloffs. We all related to the spousal spats, the messy house, the parental challenges, the patient dog. And, in the end, we saw Matt and Amy, not as dwarfs, but as people who happened to be dwarfs. Mission accomplished.

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