Friday, August 20, 2010

Runway Recap

Oh, how Fio loves a happy ending. Prima donna Gretchen (who's no Irina, but would be better off if she kept her mouth shut), didn't even make the top three, Kristin got eliminated for a real loser dress reminiscent of Ping, and sweet Michael won, which made up for his gorgeous red creation not reaching the finals last time.

It's Project Runway in top dramatic form--Tim Gunn nailing designs with cut-to-the-quick similes, the contestants constantly snarking at each, and a weird challenge--designing dresses that would coordinate with the wildest collection of hats you've ever seen.

But our Cinderella, Michael, who had to can his first dress and make a new one in what little time remained, won. He can't follow through on the fairytale, though, and marry the Prince. He's the only straight guy in the crowd.

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Gary said...

I've always been straight, but I would have married a prince if he'd asked me.