Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Green-eyed Monster

Jealousy. It's different from covetousness. One covets something already possessed by someone else--fame and fortune, popularity, a particular literary agent. But jealousy is more personal: one hates the person who has what one covets. Think Iago, who orchestrated the downfall of Othello and the deaths of four people out of sheer jealousy.

"Ignore it. She's/he's just jealous," Fio's been told. But our Fio is wary. Even in real life, people kill out of jealousy.

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Gary said...

I have always been curious about the jealousy disease. Is one jealous that someone else has something you want, or just jealous that they have something, even though you don’t really want it? Hmmm, maybe I should covet someone’s jealousy?