Monday, March 8, 2010

Up, Up, and Away

Friday was Father's birthday. Husband, sensing Fio's melancholy, suggested they drive up to Waco tomorrow to lay flowers on her parents' graves.

One hundred miles up the freeway, Fio thought. Why were they buried so far away?

Because people follow the jobs. Father, born in Pennsylvania, moved to Ohio for a job in a tire factory, married an Akron girl, and moved the family to Waco for a promotion. Fio married an Austin boy she met at UT and they lived and worked in his hometown until she got a job in Temple, when they moved to Georgetown, halfway between.

It's nothing new. Her forbears and Husabnd's came to this country to better their lives. And why did our far-distant ancestors leave Africa except to further their own opportunities?

And so it goes. I hear plans are underway to reinvigorate Mars for human habitation.

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