Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little People, Big Problems

All of that reality show money seems to make for bad bedfellows. Will Matt and Amy go the way of the Gosselins, or are their current marital troubles just a ploy to rev up interest in their aging show?

They've always had their differences, of course. Matt is egocentric and, discounting Amy completely, can justify anything he wants to do as being for the family. Amy used to be somewhat blustery and preachy, but that's calmed down as time goes on, at least in front of the camera. Now she's just syrupy and disgruntled.

The episodes this season have shown them becoming increasingly estranged. Is divorce in the future? When they had a young family to take care of and a strained budget to boot, they were more likely to pull together. But Jeremy and Zachary are heading off to college next year, Molly has blossomed into the most mature person in the family, and Jacob is finally coming into his own.

Fio hopes the Roloffs will work out their differences. No more solo flights, Matt. And Amy, learn some grammar--if you say "for he and I" one more time, I'll leap through the plasma and throttle your little dwarf neck.

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