Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lion Tamer, I Never Knew Ye

According to the Wall Street Journal, Dick Cheney has said that in the waning days of the Bush administration, he advocated a military strike to destroy Iran's nuclear-weapons program, even as President Bush preferred diplomacy.

Hasn't Cheney ever heard of consequences? Does he really think our tanking economy could finance yet another mid-Eastern military front? Does he really think the other Islamic states would stand calmly by while the US invades their region yet agin? Does he really think the US military invasion of Iraq has done more than kill a lot of innocent people and upset the political apple cart? Does he think?

My guess he would have ultimately wanted to take out all the rest of the world and half of the population of the US. In fact, by the end of his term he even wanted to nuke George W.

So now we know that as the circus came to a close, Bush had to spend his time flicking the whip to keep his in-house lion in line. Kudos to George. But now that the cage door is open, the lion is roaring against his master.

The great thing is, he's toothless.

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