Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where My Money Goes

HEB is taking over the universe, at least in Texas--and where else matters? It ran A&P out of state years ago, and is in the process of beating down Randall's and Albertson's.

In the process, HEB has moved from being a mere grocery store to a department store. In fact, I'm thinking of having my paycheck sent directly to its corporate headquarters and cutting myself out as the middleman.

Husband and I shop at one of the super-stores, and it sells everything from clothes to electronics to furniture to medical care. If we want to get fancy, we can always drive into Austin to shop at HEB's upscale Central Market, which features every exotic fruit and vegetable I never knew existed, a wonderful bakery, meat and fish to die for, an amazing spread of prepared food, and even cooking lessons.

I'm planning on being buried out of HEB. Surely one of those smiling, red-aproned employees is selling coffins out of the back room.

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