Monday, November 3, 2008

Political Snippets

Modern communications have redefined politics. McCain and Palin will be the first national candidates defeated by television comedy. Yes, Letterman and Fey did the job.
The Palin family's $150K clothing haul was nothing compared to Cindy McCain's $300K Marie Antoinette outfit for the Republican convention. Again, whatever happened to Pat Nixon's good cloth coat?
Since when did the Republican Party become the choice of the ignorant and intolerant? My parents, life-long Republicans, were neither. Friends of mine who call themselves Republican aren't that way either. But, according to the party's own pundits, the "base" is redneck. That's why Palin, anti-science and quick on the draw, was selected for the vice-presidential slot.
On the topic of tolerance, how odd it is that tolerant people bend over backwards to protect the rights of the intolerant, then get slammed when the intolerant achieve power. Of course, the intolerant, by definition, cannot tolerate the tolerant.

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Unknown said...

Over the past 20 years or so there has been a great and dangerous shift towards the right. Those who called themselves moderate are now called liberals and those who were considered right wing extremists are now just conservative. Even more radical voices are being listened to by the media. Liberal became a curse word and was equally associated with Democrat, due to pundits, media pressure, and propaganda. People were forced to adjust to the times, and many of the moderates did indeed shift to a more conservative platform, leaving even less true moderates. Without such voices America is in danger of becoming incredibly intolerant, blinded by its own cognitive dissonance, excusing ourselves under the banner of moral values and national security.