Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tinsel Town Gal

Fiorella had to take Husband to the ER yesterday afternoon for low blood pressure, but she was still able to keep on her Christmas prep schedule. Everything that could be decorated was decorated and the leftovers were stacked by the wall to be taken out to the garage shelves this morning. Now to neaten up the house, retrieve the table linens, get Grandmother's Haviland down from the china shelves, and prepare whatever food beforehand that we can. I say "we" because the Minnisotans are here and helping--with transportation, with the decorating, at the house, and at the hospital with Husband. Fiorella is blessed.
Guess what? Fio finally figured out why her pictures, if they got posted at all, were taking so long to show up on FB--her photo sizes were too big. From now on, she'll squeeze a picture before trying to send it.
Tinsel is the name of the game this Christmas. Fio not only strung garlands of silver tinsel down the driveway, but also used it to edge all of her indoor displays, wreaths, and swags.  In addition, she  piled masses of gold tinsel in the urns out front to cover the dead lavenders and draped a red  tinsel garland over the folding screen in the dining room. You'll be seeing pictures of her creations soon.

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