Saturday, May 6, 2017

TV News

Fiorella is inerested in the route Big Bang Theory is taking with Amy going off to Princeton for two months, which leaves Sheldon behind in California and, according to leaks, prey to the cute redhead who went after him before. But Sheldon and Amy had sex just before she left, which Fio guesses wasn't was just a cute end to the episode. What if Amy turns up pregnant? Can you imagine Sheldon as a prospective father? As a father? As becoming a close pal with Howard as the only two fathers in the group?
La Piloto is obviously working toward its grande finale. Yolanda finally realized Oscar is not her friend when he lured her to a desolate spot and started shooting at her. Also, Colonel Santamaria is on the run because he was revealed to be part of the drug trade. And Zulima, la bruja, walked in on John (whom she had enchanted away from Yolanda) in bed with another woman, which is bad news for John. And Dave the incorruptible turned in his DEA badge and gun when he realized his bosses were part of the drug trade, which means he is now rogue in his persistance to find and protect Yolanda, whether she wants him to or not.
Lucifer is back, thank goodness, and the plot thickens. Fiorella likes the way the story is obviously working toward a resolvement instead being episode after episode of crime-solving, which was never that strong a feature anyway. Maybe Lucifer is ushering in the era of of English-language telenovelas.

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